About Molak Corp

Molak Corporation is owned and operated by the Molak family. They own some of the hottest joints in Texas: Gruene Hall, Gristmill River Restaurant & Bar, Cantina del Rio, Mozie’s, Cotton Eyed Joe’s, The Company Store, The Grapevine, Gruene Antique Company, Josephine Street and most recently Down on Grayson. 


Pat Molak, frustrated with big-city life and in search of a true Texas dance hall, purchased Gruene Hall in 1975. A few unavoidable repairs were made to the Hall, but little else was necessary. Left uncorrupted, the 6,000 square-foot, open-air dance hall became a virtual magnet for musicians and music-lovers alike. It soon became the starting point for many of Texas’ up-and-coming performers, and once again, the heart of Gruene. With the help of his friend Mary Jane Nalley, the duo worked to preserve the authentic, turn-of-the-century look and feel of Gruene by purchasing and repairing several of the town’s most notable structures, and transforming them into thriving businesses. These developments seemed to rekindle the spark of Gruene, and soon the town’s familiar charm began to shine again. Opening Gristmill River Restaurant in 1977 and Josephine Street in 1979, Molak Corp continued to make a mark on the true Texas scene. In the following decades, Cotton Eyed Joe’s, Gruene Antique Company, Mozie’s and The Grapevine opened their doors. In 2010, Cantina del Rio opened followed by Down on Grayson in 2016. Founded with a straightforward mission, Molak Corp. continues to celebrate Texas culture and tradition in iconic fashion.


A cornerstone of the community, Molak Corp supports many organizations in the New Braunfels and San Antonio areas. Gruene Music & Wine Festival is United Way of Comal County’s single biggest donation every year. The Comal County Junior Livestock Auction, Oink Inc, San Antonio Rodeo Cattle Auction and Junior Livestock Auction are all beneficiaries of the Molak Corp’s philanthropy. But the big dogs aren’t the only organizations to receive support—Molak Corp contributes 100+ in-kind donations to local charity fundraisers every year.

1975 - Gruene Hall Reopens
1975 - Gruene Historic District is placed on the National Register of Historical Places
1977 - Gristmill Restaurant opens
1979 - Josephine Street opens
1985 - Inaugural Gruene Music & Wine Festival
1986 - Gruene Antique Company opens
1995 - Cotton Eyed Joe's opens
1999 - The Grapevine opens
2009 - Mozie's opens
2010 - Cantina del Rio opens
2016 - Down on Grayson opens
2023 - Stay Tuned!